Find your next adventure

Everybody has a different idea of what adventure is. For some, a Sunday morning stroll to the local panetteria, in sweat pants and a baseball cap, is unsettling enough. For others, it involves being out of your comfort zone, thrilling and exciting. It often brings you up close to something you’ve wanted to see or experience for a long time. It might well be a bucket list moment. At PANARA its about fulfilling dreams and creating memories.

For us, every trip should be an adventure, but they don’t have to be uncomfortable. Allow us to organise your African Safari, ski and ice clime in Antarctica, Cycle le route de tour de France, join a wildlife conservation expedition in Cambodia, Sail the Dalmatian coast, Heli-Ski Iceland or dive an archaeological site. We can complete your bucket list and probably add a few suggestions too! Whatever the adventure, PANARA curates an experienced itinerary to suit individual needs and exceed expectations. Or, you can sit at home in your sweat pants eating Zeppole!

Are you ready to start your next adventure?